Double Sidebar page not available

The Double Sidebar page doesn’t seem to be available to add to my app.

The library ( lists 3 portal templates available (including the Double Sidebar Page Template).

And here’s what’s available in my “Add a New Page” Canvas sidebar (note 2 templates available)

I’d like to use the Double Sidebar Page Template - is it still available for use?

Hello @user42 !

Some components are not available for some versions of Canvas.

How recent is your version?

December '21 or so…?

How can I check? Better yet, how can I upgrade to the latest version?

Once the template is added to the app on creation that is the version to be used. It cannot be upgraded because Canvas is a set of Bubble programming to help complement your project.

So, the set of components you get to use are made for the version you installed. Most components are available for most versions. The double sidebar I believe is a rather recent one.

When you open your admin page the version number should be found at the inferiormost part of the left nav bar. Or you can find it in the website (or app settings) object entry in the database.

Below a list of Canvas releases: