Duplicating the Launch Checklist

Hey there,

Fairly new to Bubble.

The Launch Checklist is exactly what we need for our app.

I was just wondering how can we duplicate it?

After reviewing the backend systems, it seems to be integrated with the app settings and complex to build.

I know this is a loaded request, but how would you approach rebuilding the Launch Checklist?

Hello @growth welcome to the forum

Emulate the UI in a new page and load it with your own list items.

thanks for replying! i should’ve been more descriptive.

i have the UI down. it’s the workflows that are confusing me since it’s connected to the App Settings and several variables.

Got it.

Problem of replicating it is that each of those checks does very different things.

I would put together my list and attempt to build the logic/experience behind each of my check items for my app as best as possible :smiley: