Dynamic headlines/copy on homepage

Is it possible to have dynamic headlines in the Canvas rental marketplace template. Similar to Zocdoc (below)

Is there a way to do this?

Hi @lizzyazuya :slight_smile: Yes, this is possible! The headline would have a combination of static and dynamic text; “Find local _____ who take your insurance” would be static (in a text element), and then the _____ would be a dynamic expression:

To set this up, you can add a hidden variable to the page (in a hidden variables popup), such as “var - random physician type name” (type: Physician Type), list: no. Then, set the data source of that hidden variable group to be “Do a Search for Physician Types: random item”:

To ensure the type changes to something random, you could add a “Do Every 2 seconds” workflow which displays a different random item in that hidden variable group:


Thanks for the detailed response Faye! I’m going to try this over the weekend

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Actually something I forgot to account for. Since the hero headline is changed through the Canvas dashboard (not Bubble) how can I make this change?

@lizzyazuya Got it! This is possible by removing the dynamic expression within the “Text Group Section 0” element on the “index” page here:

Then the combination of static and dynamic text would be added/edited directly in this “Text Group Section 0” text element, instead of the admin portal (since it will contain dynamic text).

Hi @faye !

I am trying to achieve something similar, but I cannot find the “Text Group Section 0” in the index page.

Hi @eduard! :slight_smile:

The Text Group Section 0 element is included in the “Canvas Marketplace Template” (which is a standalone template that doesn’t use the Marketing Page Maker). However, it would be possible to create a similar page structure in an app built with the Canvas Base Template by creating a page with either the Premium Blocks Homepage page template or the Free Bubble Marketing Page page template since they contain similar UI and consist of all Bubble elements.

Hi @faye !

Thanks for the reply!

This means that I should have a Bubble page as the index page instead of the Marketing page, right?

Hello @eduard !

The Canvas Rental Marketplace template uses an older version of Canvas. That version does not have the “marketing pages” page builder functionality that is now available since January 2021.

I think that @faye is referring to functionality that is possible using the Canvas page builder.

There is an additional consideration. Bubble changed their pricing plans a few months ago which excluded backend functions in their free plans. So, if you are using a free Bubble plan you will need to upgrade to a paid plan that enables backend functions so that you can access the Canvas “marketing pages” page builder.

In short, if you are using a newer version of Canvas, and have a paid Bubble plan, you will not need to make any changes to the index page, in a free or paid Canvas template, to be able to design as needed your Canvas marketing pages … using the “Canvas Page Builder”. :grinning:

Hi @eduard and @cmarchan! :slight_smile:

So sorry, I should have included more information previously since there are a few considerations. Only because this heading text needs to include dynamic data, I think it may be easier to build that design and functionality using the Bubble element homepage page templates that I linked to, instead of the page maker for the index page. @eduard That is correct, that the index page could use Bubble elements (from a Canvas page template) instead of the Marketing page builder (but the Marketing page builder could still be used for other pages of course).

Currently, it is not possible to insert dynamic headings using the homepage marker inputs directly, unless the Bubble UI is created on a separate page, and then embedded as an iframe as a block within the marketing page. That works as well, but using the Bubble element page templates would more closely mimic the style of the structure and style of the standalone marketplace template home page, in case there may be other sections on the page that need to have dynamic text as well.

I hope that’s helpful but feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all!

Hi @faye !

I have created a new page from the Premium Blocks Homepage.

I have followed the steps to set up the dynamic title, but the title doesn’t change.
It changes on page reload, but not after 2 seconds.

Do you have an idea what might be causing that?

@eduard Got it! Could you share a few screenshots of your setup? Glad to take a look and see what might be causing it :slight_smile:

@faye screenshots attached!

Greenshot 2021-06-14 09.26.21

Greenshot 2021-06-14 09.26.01

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Thanks @eduard! Just to confirm, do you have any privacy rules on the “MoveType” data type by chance? Also, do any of the three conditionals on the Heading text change the text content to something instead of the default content?

@faye I don’t think any of those cases apply. Please find attached more screenshots.

@eduard Got it! You’re totally right; I just tested and am seeing the same thing. Sorry about that! I’m not sure why that is happening now, but instead of using a “Reset” action, it should work by using a “Display Data” action on the hidden variable instead :slight_smile:


Thanks @faye ! It works!