Editing height of admin pop ups

I have added a new dropdown inside the new user pop-up. I’ve successfully got the workflow linked up however I cannot seem to find where the popup height is coming from. It seems to betaking a value of 216px from bubble-r-line and bubble-r-box but I see no way to affect these values.

Please help, this has been driving me insane! :slight_smile:

Hello @felicity.evans ! Welcome to the forum.

Canvas stacks its components vertically where all content groups are set to be hidden and to collapse vertically when hidden. They can be made visible conditionally when needed.

Here an extract of the Canvas manual on this:

The popup seems to be rendering adequately notwithstanding the height information.

Any other visible behavior with it that is inconsistent?

Yes, except I’ve placed it inside the group with the other form elements, and the group (which is visible) is 350px as you can see from the screenshot.

So the height of the pop up us coming from another variable.

Did you avoid overlapping that group with any other?

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Thank you for persisting with me @cmarchan There was a group which was just showing examples of inputs (always hidden, never used) but there was some overlap. Now stacked and working perfectly.

Thanks again.

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