Editing styles of blocks in Marketing Pages


Is it possible to edit the styles of Marketing page blocks without having to make the changes in the Database? As an example, I’d like to increase the icon image size in a “List features” block. Specifically I need to update the height in this class to 200px.

webflowbubble .feature-icon-wrapper {

height: 65px;


I can see that the CSS is embedded in the header in the All Marketing Pages table, but is there somewhere I can access the CSS file itself to make this change? If not, is it safe to assume if I make this change in the DB that it will be overwritten as soon as I make any changes to a marketing page via Page Builder?


Hi @nick,

Thank you for your message! That is correct, you would need to make the change in the database directly. It will also be overwritten if you publish the marketing page via the page builder.

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Thanks @stephanie, appreciate the clarification.

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