Email down, is there a 150 email limit?

Hi, We’re using canvas and using the email templates to send email. After ~150 emails sent today, it appears that no more emails are going out from the app. This includes all emails - password reset links etc… nothing.

We have a sendgrid subscription and are nowhere close to the limit. We also checked the API and other limits, and we aren’t hitting any sendgrid limits - emails seem to work fine there. Emails triggered directly from bubble don’t have limits either. So we’re down to canvas.

Is there a workflow, or condition, somewhere that is limiting the number of daily emails to 150?

EDIT: I can see send email workflow correctly triggered in bubble logs but nothing in sendgrid logs.

Hi @bubble_dev, there is nothing in the Canvas template limiting the number of emails that can be sent.

If you are running on a new Sendgrid account it’s possible that volume of email flagged something within their system even though you haven’t hit the limit.

In your Sendgrid dashboard, I would check the Suppressions tab to see if the emails may be being suppressed in some way.

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