Email for canvas (sendgrid) plugin showing error

I am trying to send an email using the “email for canvas” plugin. nevertheless I keep getting the following error:

I have tried everything. The from email I use is verified in the sendgrid account. I use dynamic email but they do not work either.

this is the workflow and the plugin page I use:

Hello @user28,

Sorry to hear that you’re running into a bug here. Could you please share the app with and send a DM of a link to your app editor?

It’s possible one of the required parameters (esp. To email) is empty and that’s throwing the error, or something else that would be harder to predict.

Best regards,

hey @chris thanks for the reply.

  1. you can go here [URL REDACTED], and apply filter with salary range 1 - 11111 (without this filter no job will appear)
  2. then when you try to send an application in the “job” page, you will notice the error with the “apply” reusable element.

my email is verified in sendgrid

Thanks for the information. I just tested this and made a new “email-test” page to try to isolate the bug without affecting the existing pages.

The Logo field is required and emails won’t be sent properly without a logo in that field. I will explore removing that requirement (ability to send basic emails without a logo), and if we don’t do that, the error message here will be improved to indicate that the Logo being empty is the reason for the error.

Thanks again for reporting the bug!


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many thanks for the effort Chris