Email variant and Localize


I am still having some issues with configuring multiple languages.

If I understand well, according to your doc, the app settings default language should equal the Localize selected language.

I am trying to send the correct email variant according to the language selected by the user with the widget. Yet, my email variant has only one language (French), and it is sent whether the default language is French or English. Should this email be sent with an English default language?

Thank you.

Here the default code is fr-fr, yet it should be en-us (English was selected with the widget).

Hello Theodore,

I have reviewed the doc and I am not sure where it is mentioned that they should equal.

Nevertheless, logic needs to be built so that the user can dynamically choose it. Canvas provides default logic.

And … based on the above screenshot that you kindly share, consider checking manually in the dB settings (app settings) which language is set as default.

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your reply :-).

My mistake, I thought the script below was supposed to save the selected language as the default one.

Capture d’écran 2022-02-22 à 09.22.51

Now what I understand is the following :slight_smile:

“Enable LocalizeJS integration” and “Enable multi-language support” options don’t support the saving of the selected language as the default one and one must build the workflow to make it works.

Regarding the previous screenshot, the language set as default in the app settings is French, which doesn’t change wether I select English or something else with Localize (that’s what I meant in my previous post).

I did some research, and from what I could gather, I need to add the function getLanguage() to the script for returning the page’s language code.

So if I understand, I should remove the localize integration option, copy-paste the script in the header, and add the function.

Let’s see how it goes :grinning:.

Not sure I follow but best of luck! :smiley:

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