Emails for Canvas Logo Question

Hey All,

I had a question about the functionality of the Emails for Canvas plugin. In particular, I’m having trouble with the lack of flexibility of the Logo item. As far as I can tell, it’s a mandatory item and if left blank, leaves a giant blank square at the top of the email. But it’s also not width adjustable (at least that I can see), so I can’t use a full width email header as it’s too small. I tried using 1-1 pixel white image, but that also left a huge space.

So does anyone know if the Logo can be removed completely? Or can I override the Canvas email template with a SendGrid template? Or some other workaround?


Hello @MasonB welcome to the community!

The Canvas email template indeed is in some aspects “hard coded”.

Yes … you can build your one logic and email templates using Bubble’s functionality and some email html code … and choose your preferred emailing platform.

A Canvas template is programmed functionality to help you if needed. You can always disregard it if you prefer to program your own functions. This is what is great about working in Bubble! :smiley:

Thanks @cmarchan - so to clarify, there’s definitely no way around the logo while using the Emails for Canvas plugin, I’d have to rebuild with the native Bubble email tool?

Hello @MasonB

The logo can be changed in the Canvas email template but not its proportions.

In Bubble you can build things using its functionality. Just like our Canvas developers did. In your case you could build a custom plugin using html (html for email templates is tricky and requires specialized knowledge) and build email templates as needed. I know this is easier said than done as it requires knowledge on various aspects of building Bubble plugins and the rest of the code for the functionality that you require.