FIlter by tags issue

I am having trouble to make it work.
It keeps turning out red when I select filter by the tag input box, and it’s value.
Some help please ?

Hello @michaelvrutaal

This seems to be an element that has a list of tags. Not one tag. A list of tags.


When you use “contains” the expression works with single items and not with lists.


In order to access a “contains list” operator you must filter the search through an advanced expression:

I used the “dummy” data type and added a list of tags field to show the above.

In short, the way to go is to structure your filter considering that the filter that you are looking for is a list of items and not a single item.

For further resources to learn about advanced filtering here are a few links to some interesting resources:

Hello cmarchan,

I don’t see those options. :frowning:

Go through the first video as it should expand on concepts that are needed in order to understand how those options come about.

Also, if I may suggest you can consider using a Chrome extension for screenshots that should allow you to edit and place screenshots directly on posts. The one below is an excellent option.

If you want please share a link to your editor (setting your app to public view in general/settings/rights) to see what the context of your dB structure is together with the search expression that you are trying to implement.

I figured out a way to ‘fix’ it, I had the field type as ‘multidropdown’ before, so I changed it to ‘dropdown’ and it is working now.
In the future it will be great to be able to use the multidropdown also, but it is sufficient for now. I am going through the professional track to learn the bubble platform.
Thanks for your input, I went through the video, and realized that I was using the wrong field type, that is why it was not working as intended in the video ( I went through this same video before your feedback, without realizing the field type was not correct ).

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You have an email address ? So I can share permissions with you ?