Floating header on standard pages are now transparent and color is not changed

Hi there,

I recently ran into issues with my header reusable element.

My floating header group on standard pages is now transparent (instead of solid) and the color of the header, black, is now showing as white. I cannot figure out how to revert back to a white solid floating header state anymore.

Also, on the index page, the header is now showing partial width instead of displaying on screen wide.

Could you see if this was a minor accident on my end?



Hi @dojin23,

There are a couple of things that you could check here:

  1. If you go to your Bubble app editor > Data tab > Options set > Bubble pages, do you have an option set entry that is referencing the list_listing page? If not then you should create one because it is used in the header logic.

  2. Were any changes made to the Group Header conditional statements in the header reusable element? If yes, you could restore to the default settings by creating a new app with the base template and copying the conditional statements on Group Header there over to your app.

  1. Are there any workflow actions on the page that sets the header state upon page load? More information on this in our documentation here.

For the index page, you could do one of the following:

  1. Remove the max width on the header reusable element instance on the index page. You can uncheck the box that says Apply a max width when the page is stretched.

  2. Or put the header reusable in a group and add the header background color to this new group

Thank you!

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You are a genius… thank you so much for your help!!!

I had to update the page title on the option set (changed it 2 days ago) and unchecking the max with on my index page did the magic wonder… thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!!

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