Free option sets for your app

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We originally posted this on the Bubble forum but I wanted to move this over for your references.

Bubble released a new feature for Option sets. At AirDev, we have compiled a list of common option sets that we would like to share with the Bubble community for free:

  • Feather icons - New!
  • Countries
  • States
  • Industries
  • Languages
  • Genders
  • Months
  • Week Days

You can get the option sets above from this app (click here to watch a video on how to copy the option sets to your app).

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is there an API for US Cities or can US Cities be added to this list?

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Hi @raynellbell,

Thank you! I can add this to our list of potential updates although we don’t currently have an ETA on when this would be implemented.

In the meantime, as an alternative, here is a different approach if you want to display a list of cities (like in a dropdown). You could download a list of US cities online and create a new data object for cities. If your app is on a paid Bubble plan, you can upload the list of cities to your database (documentation from Bubble here).


@stephanie Thank you!!

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Can you help me adding list of currencies prefix too?

Hello @textmeinfofree welcome to the forum!

Not sure that this is in the pipeline of action items.

Perhaps this resource may help you add some of the ones you need manually in your application:

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