From Bootcamp to AirDev Partner: How long?

I’m a React developer but recently got fed up with our dev life cycle. I just think it’s too long before we get any sort of feedback so I’m thinking of learning Bubble. I’m seriously considering jumping into an AirDev bootcamp fulltime with the hope of becoming AirDev partner as quick as possible.

Questions for those who’ve taken the Bootcamp:

Q1: I read that the Bootcamp is a total of 80 hours (both Bubble + Canvas). Has anyone done this full time and how long did it take you?

Q2: Once you’ve completed the Bootcamp, do you automatically qualify as a partner? Or are you expected to complete some projects on your own or have a portfolio, etc.?

Why am I asking? My goal is to start from zero and become a paid partner on a project within 2 months. Is this reasonable?


Hello @user6 welcome to the community!

Q1: Did mine in about half the time but I had prior ample Bubble knowledge.

Q2: Nope. You have to apply, pass demanding Bubble programming tests and thereafter be invited to participate in the program. The invitation can come at anytime from 0 to X nr of months afterwards.

I did not pass my first exam after BC1 but was invited to BC2. My second batch of exams had many constructive observations in them :sweat_smile: … which taught me a lot nevertheless! My invitation came about three months right after. Each of the many projects that I have had the privilege to be a part of as a dev ever since have taught me tons … and the ones that I am on now continue to teach me as well.

It is a never-ending learning ride!

Your case … reasonable? Why not? :smiley:

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In addition to @cmarchan’s reply, I can say that people have done it more quickly than the 80 hours if you are devoting a lot of your attention to it and especially if you have an engineering background (which is not required), sometimes that can help you connect the dots on a high level as well.

We currently do usually have people complete a Bootcamp 102 after the 101 program (it’s estimated at 4 weeks but you can complete it quicker too). By that point you should be prepared!

In the future, we’re going to test a hybrid approach, but if you’re starting now, it would be the one I just outlined!

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Thanks for the reply Carlos. Insightful. I just sent you a quick message on LinkedIn also. Would have liked to discuss and learn a little more about what it is to work at AirDev. Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Thanks! For Bootcamp 102, do you have to be admitted or is it open like the 101?

It’s an admission process (not too involved, just making sure you fully complete 101 in good standing).

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