Get Started button on home page not clicable

I have developed an app for Bootcamp and the homepage buttons are not clickable. The Bootcamp instructor directed me to get help from the Canvas team. Can anyone help?


If your app is in v4.0.0, v4.0.1 or v4.0.2, buttons in the first section of the index page or in any other marketing page (page ‘page’ in the Bubble editor) when using a Canvas marketing page are not clickable or can only be clicked in the lower third of the button.

  1. In the editor, go to the index page, Workflow tab.
  2. Add the ‘Hide’ an element action, applied to the ‘HTML Index page message’ group, to the ‘Page is loaded and Get reset from page url is empty’ workflow (or just delete the element).


Same solution can be applied in other marketing pages, going to the page ‘page’ and hidding the ‘HTML Page page message’ element with an action (or just deleting the element).


Thanks. That fixed the issue.

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