Getting data from URL - truelayer

I’m trying to get a truelayer payment id from the URL, (i’m using a canvas airdev template)
When I use a non canvas airdev bubble page, it’s works fine, and you can add it to the database.

When I’m using a canvas airdev page, however, i get redirected before I can capture the payment ref.
Has anyone come across this before, or is there a privacy setting in the canvas airdev template that redirects?

Many thanks

Hello @user38 welcome to the forum!

Canvas comes with default redirection logic that is somewhat intricate.

Options sets (bubble pages and user roles) and events (on header reusable and index page) act together to protect or allow users to access pages … or be redirected.

This video covers most of this logic:

This section of the Canvas manual also covers some of this logic:

Once you study some of it and experiment a bit you will become more familiarized with the overall rationale of how page redirection works in Canvas.

Not an easy putt … but powerful logic to beef up any application :sweat_smile: