Google extension and API changes not reflected, keep getting the pop-up that does not allow me to add mkting or bubble pages

Hi. I may be missing something obvious, so apologies if so. I have installed the Canvas template, and when I got to the marketing pages and bubble pages editing, I upgraded my plan, clicked on the backend workflows checkbox, installed chrome extension. When I try either to edit and change a marketing page, or to add a bubble page, I get the missing API and chrome extension pop-ups. I have reloaded, closed chrome, tried everything, and nothing. Appreciate your help.

Thank you @elmo.gomes, we will follow-up with you via email.

Hi @elmo.gomes,

Apologies for the inconvenience - here is a fix for the issue and the steps that you can follow to resolve it: Bug fix - Canvas 3.4.0 - API accessibility check error - #2

Hey Stephanie, no worries at all, and thanks to you and Chris for addressing it quickly!
Best rgrds

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