Google Tag Manager


so I have added the script from google tag manager to the head and body and am not able to have to connect. I was wondering if anyone has a tutorial they can point me to or maybe some advice?

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So I figured out the reason for this not connecting and it was a simple fix. But, I am now seeing weird script showing up prior to a load of any page. Have any others had this happen as well?

Hello @raynellbell !

I have heard folks say that the Google Analytics plugin by Bubble works well. It avoids misbehavior experienced when placing script code on the header. Apparently the script code may be incorrect or needs constant updating/monitoring while the Bubble plugin has been more stable.

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this is for the google tag manager though… or are you saying that google analytics can work in place and do both?

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No expert here but I do not see the difference between both services.

Care to shed some light on this?

I do not know if the analytics tag can be also used for the tag manager… I am no expert either…

Greetings @cmarchan… so I did a small experiment and it seems the Bubble google analytics plugin should work as the analytics is a “universal tag”… but when I add in the tracking ID, it did not work.


Thanks for sharing!

Perhaps the tracking ID used is for a tag instead of any other type so that GA can work?

hmmm… the bubble plugin asks for the tracking id but I can try the id for the gtm container