Header / Footer not showing in admin section

Hey all,

Having an issue of the header / Footer not showing on the admin panel, I’m on version 3.5.1 and this is what is showing in the URL:


As you can see this just displays blank.

Here’s where it seems to be failing

Just adding to this,

I attempted to follow this article [Bug fix] Canvas Base Template v3.6.0 and v3.6.1 - Header and footer not visible in some browsers to see if that was the issue, but upon checking the Header element I do not have “Header HTML”

But all that is stored within the HTML element is

<ul id="header">
Search for Navigation links:format as text

Thank you @adamb - This fix is for v3.6.0 and v.3.6.1 versions of the Base Template. It seems like you are on an even older version of the canvas template (please check the template version in your admin portal or website data type template version field). If you are not on v3.6.0 or v.3.6.1 then you do not have to apply this manual fix to your app - you’re all set and your app is functioning as intended.

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Hey Stephanie,

I’m on V3.5.1

I’m just worried that I will have to restart and I’ve just payed someone to create what I want on the template :confused:

As for not having to apply the fix, the header section was working previously but suddenly has stopped so I cannot edit the header/footer to include the newest features.

Hi @adamb,

Thank you for your message. As noted above, this update would not apply to your template as your template is not on the template version with the new header features. Additionally, it is not possible to add the latest v3.6 features to your app manually as there are various other updates to the template happening behind the scenes.

For the issue in your first post, it is likely that some changes were made to the admin portal that resulted in the header/footer tab not displaying. Please email support@airdev.co for further assistance.

Thank you!