Header is wider than screen on account page only

Hello everybody,

The reusable header is wider than the screen on the account page only, for all type of users.
I haven’t noticed what triggered this issue or the precise moment when that happened. The few modifications done in the header were done following the Canvas manual. I’ve searched in several directions but haven’t succeeded so far.
I don’t see anything similar in this forum. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @vmbf welcome to the forum!

The reusable header is placed on a floating group. This is why this “one size for all” approach works.

Study how any of the default pages works in this aspect and reproduce it on your new page. The account or admin pages may do.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Thank you. I’ve found it. It was a “small” check box.
Some times, looking too many times at something doesn’t help see the causes. This is part of learning.

Have a nice day

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