Header reusable element not showing the button and other elements

Other screenshots I’ve seen on the forum actually seem to have the signup button in the header displayed but I can’t find it.

I need it for 2 reasons

  1. Create action from click on signup button on header to open the popup signup/login
  2. To change the styling of that button (color, rounded corners)

Hello @juraj welcome to the community!

Canvas has new html header functionality.

Details can be found here: :smiley:

Hi @cmarchan, thanks so much! I have reviewed the docs but it’s still not clear to me what do I need to change so that upon clicking on Sign up and Log in, the user is taken to the signup/login popup and not the login page (as is default). Can you please help?

Hello @juraj

Add this action on the reusable element “header”:

Set this text for the signup button on the admin page area for the logged out menu

Thanks so much @cmarchan, this is so helpful! :slight_smile:

Finally, where can I change the styling of the button in the header reusable element, like rounded corners, etc.?


If you know html/css there is an html element in the header reusable. Please be careful as this code is what fuels the header.