Header won't change in live version

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with changing my header. I made some changes as admin and everything changed in the development version. Then I click on ‘copy and restore database’ where I chose ‘header’ from data type to copy. I then deploy the current version to live, but my header remains the same as before.

Anyone tips on how to resolve this?



Hello @user31 welcome to the forum!

I am not sure if just copying entries in the dB is enough. It depends on what was changed as it perhaps affected actions which will not be updated to live unless specifically being pushed to live.

Why would a change in the dB be the best course of action instead of a push from development to live?

Thank you for your answer! Although I am not sure if I understand. When I copy the development data into the live database, isn’t that pushing it from development to live? It always works when I update the marketing pages.

How would you recommend me updating the header?

Hello @user31

Pushing development to live implies pushing logic from development to live. Database entries are not included.

Below are the instructions to manage the header:

Hello @cmarchan,

I’ve made all the changes in the admin portal, as shown in the video. The changes are also visible in my development version. But when I deploy everything to the live version, the header doesn’t change. So it changes in the development version, but not in the live version.

Any tips on how I can change the live version?

Hello @user31

Now you can copy that dB object (Header) from dev to live :grinning:

Hello @cmarchan

Yes that is what I have been doing but thats not working, unfortunately. Is there anything else I can do?

Or should I not do it with ‘copy development data into the live database’

Copy development data into live database

followed by ‘Deploy current version to live’?

Hello @user31

The above is correct for the header object.

If you want to copy all dev data onto live you can also perform the other step below.

Now … have you been deploying current version to live as seen below?

Hi @cmarchan

Yes that’s what I have been doing, but won’t work unfortunately.

The header actually requires multiple database objects to work, not just the header data type. Specifically, the navigation item data type must also be copied over. If you are deploying your app for the first time, you should select copy and restore database, and push all development data to live.

If you have already deployed your app, it may be easier to just run as admin from the live website and update your header directly from the live admin portal. Alternatively, you could try copying both the navigation data type and header data type from the dev database to the live database.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @stephanie

It worked, thanks a lot!

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