Help with filter template resusable element

Hi. I have an issue getting the right values to display within the dropdown input of the filter template reusable element. I have four inputs, Keyword, City, State and Category. The City and State rely on a geographic address of a thing, while the Category relies on the category of a thing. I have the custom states set as “city” with geographical address, “state” with geographical address, and “selected categories” with Venue Categories (List checked) respectively.

PS: The photo from top-bottom/left-right (in order) show:

  1. City dropdown custom state and source
  2. Categories repeating group for the custom state and source
  3. The filter on state showing state and country (it does similar for city showing city, state)
  4. The set state on repeating group categories as “selected categories”

Currently, I’m unable to generate the city or the state alone and uniquely having followed the instructions from the filters_template and implementing the workflow. Rather it generates the [city, state] and [state, country] values. Additionally, the categories when checked do not yield filtered results. Advise and tips to deal with this are appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @ibuomi.abibo

Try setting the dropdown to type of choices “text” and see if that helps

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Hi @cmarchan. I have another question concerning filtering the reusable element.

I am attempting to filter offers in a specific city.

My database consists of tables: Offers and Venues.

Table Offer
Venue (Venues)

Table Venue
Address (geographic address)

Each venue may have 0 or more offers

The Offers are displayed in the repeating group and the filter contains a City field. So far the filters reusable element has dynamic choices source with a Search for Offers’s Venue intersect with Search for Venues’s Address:extract city:unique elements:sorted returning the Current option

I’m attempting to display offers in a repeating group (RG) based on the venue’s city which is selected from the dropdown filter and am having an issue with the query that may yield so for the RG.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!!

Hello @ibuomi.abibo

I am not sure I follow all of the above in detail.

What I can suggest is to save the city as a text field at some prior step that way you can locate it and use it in an easier way.

Thanks @cmarchan. I rather created another field in the Offers table storing the city and queried based on it. :smiley:

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