Hide address for signed out users

Is there a way to hide/blur the address in listings for signed-out users?

Right now from search, it gives the city and state/province which is great but when a visitor that isn’t signed in clicks, they can see the full address. Would like to make it just city (like when the listings show up in search without being individually clicked) unless you’re signed in, then you can see the full thing.

Also, trying to actively discourage phone numbers on the app to reduce disintermediation. Is there a function to block users from sharing phone numbers (or integers) in chat messages? I imagine this part is tricky because not every number in the chat refers to a cell number. Some could be referring to quantity.

Hi @lizzyazuya,

For #1, you could add a conditional statement to the listing address. The logic will be something like: When current user is logged out, text would be listing’s address: extract city.

#2 is trickier and would most likely require implementing complex workflows and checks.

Thanks @stephanie. I’ll try #1 and see if it works