Hiding groups when tab is pressed

Hi everyone -

Appreciate any help on this

I’ve set up a toggle tabs page.

In the 860 container I’ve added some blocks

When i try to add a conditonal to one of the blocks in order to hide it based on when a tab is clicked,I am unable to access any of the tab groups as suggested in the documentation.

"To show or hide block, add conditional statements to each module:

  • For the first block, add the conditional statement

    • Group Nav 1 Tab’s Text is var - tab url parameter’s text then This element is visible"

I think this is something to do with the fact that all the tabs are in a repeating group.

But I’m totally stumped.

Appreciate any help. Thank you

Hello @bb234131 welcome to the forum!

The conditional statements described above are about using url parameters. These are passed on to the page using Bubble’s “go to page” action.

The following video walks you through how this works in detail. The video is long but super illustrative! You will learn a lot about Canvas! :grinning:

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Thanks for your response.

I have previously worked through the video and re-produced the example, but will go through again to see what I have missed.

Thanks again!

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