How can I edit regular bubble pages without it redirecting to Canvas admin?

Hi there,
Fairly new to Canvas, but every time I try to preview one of my regular bubble pages it loads then redirects to the canvas admin area.
How can I stop this? I need to be able to work on all pages in the same session.


Hello @oli ! Welcome to the forum.

This video should provide guidance :grinning:

Make sure that you add your new “page” to the respective “pages” options set … set it to be private or not … and add the user roles allowed to access it. All this is explained in the video. :grinning:

If you do not have other users in the dB other than “run as admin” … then add one with any email like and make sure to define a user role for it (admin, standard, or any new one that you need for your app). During development it helps to name these users with an email that describes their role … example > with a new user role called “instructor”)

Wonderful! Thanks so much for the fast response.

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