How can we transfert an app licence?


Is it possible to transfer a Canvas premium license from an app to another?

We currently have a premium plan on an app but with an old version on Canvas and we want to start it on the last canvas version.

Thanks for your help

Hello @evodev !

Please note that Canvas licensing is provided on a per app basis >

If the license is recent and the current app is not published, nor would it ever be published as this would in effect be a use of two licenses instead of only one that was paid for, you can always make your case to support. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello @cmarchan !

Thanks for your answer.
It will defently be the case, the app had never been published and we will delete it to replace it by the new one (with the last canvas template version).

I am going to contacte the support.

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