How is Canvas rental template affected by Stripe checkout migration

Just got an email from Stripe saying my account is using the legacy version of Stripe checkout.

I’m not sure if this affects anything beyond aesthetics but thought it was worth a check.

How does it (if it does) affect the current setup on the rental marketplace theme?

Thank you!

Hi @lizzyazuya :slight_smile: Thanks for your message! If possible, could you please share (copy+paste) what the content of the email said? I have received similar emails from Stripe in the past but most often no changes are required. Glad to double-check on this though!

Here it is:

We’re reaching out because your business is using the legacy version of Stripe Checkout. On April 7, we will update card validation behavior and disable the Remember Me feature to improve security and to help protect you from card testing. We expect that these changes will not disrupt your current workflows and that you will see minimal changes to your user experience.
Although you can continue using the legacy version of Stripe Checkout, we recommend upgrading to the new version of Checkout, which has a significantly expanded feature set. It supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and over ten international payment methods, and will have an improved version of ‘remember me’ by April 7. Learn more about the new version of Checkout or read our migration guide to get started.
We’re here to help—just reply to this email if you have any questions about these changes or about upgrading to a different integration.
—The Stripe team

This information refers to your Stripe account for Fabbulist

Thanks, @lizzyazuya! :slight_smile: We recommend staying on version 2 since it should continue to work as expected.

Hi Faye,

I posted in an earlier thread but not getting a clear answer to solve this issue. I likely mistakenly updated the Stripe plugin to V3 (honestly it escapes me but is likely when I updated my Bubble version a couple weeks back).

And now I’m getting an error message, first thing I did was revert to V2 (legacy) and usually that should fix it but the same error message persists. Is there something I may be missing to resolve the error so customers can pay as normal.

Thank you!

Hello @lizzyazuya,

Could you provide more context around the error message so we can help resolve this?

Is Stripe V2 also in the live version of your app now or just in the test/development version?


Hi Chris, V2 is on both dev and live


When does the error happen and what is the error message?

So these are the steps.

  1. New user signs up
  2. New user goes to listing of choice
  3. New user picks date and time and clicks book
  4. New user enters CC info
  5. Payment doesn’t process (cc info is correct also, 3 customers weren’t able to book, I created a new user account and tested on live and I couldn’t either even after reverting back to V2, the only people able to book are users who have stored cc from previous bookings)

Hi @chris any ideas of an alternative here? I haven’t altered the workflow at any point either.


@lizzyazuya Is this with a newly created user? it’s possible that old users still have V3 payment information saved to the user object if they went through the updated checkout flow when that was live.

Yup, this is newly created, it also happened to me when I created a user on live and then noticed the same error. Is there a way to clear that info on user object or will new users have to be deleted and then create accounts again now that it’s reverted to V2?

Hi @lizzyazuya,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more guidance here as to why payments is not working after the stripe upgrade. Our suggestion would be to revert back to v2 (as we suggested before) since that is the version that is supported by the Canvas rental marketplace template.

hi @stephanie, per my message to chris, the issue is that we’re already back to V2 and the error is still there. The live app is running on V2 and payments aren’t working.

The main issue is reverting hasn’t done anything at all, even though the workflow for the charge step is the same as it’s always been.

Hi @lizzyazuya,

You should also check to see if you have updated the checkout version in your stripe dashboard (not in the Bubble stripe plugin) - API upgrades. Unfortunately, we’re unable to reproduce this in the original Canvas rental template. For additional help, please consider hiring Bubble experts or visiting the Bubble forum. Thank you!

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Thanks, I just checked Stripe dashboard and I haven’t updated the API version since 2019 - before I reach out to a bubble expert (+ the forums haven’t been helpful), can you clarify this point? shouldn’t the API version (from Stripe) remain not upgraded?

If not, I can upgrade it and try that and roll it back if that doesn’t work.

Edit: I just deleted the new user I created and created a new one from scratch and it’s working again. Only issue is for the accounts that were previously affected is deletion the only way to fix them?

How do I revert the user object back to V2 if that’s even a thing?