How to add a dropdown menu to select user's role at signup

I’m looking to add a dropdown menu in the signup process, where user can choose between “company” or “employee”, and this info should change the user role field in the user variable

I need this so I can have different webpages and navigation menus for different types of users

Is there any example?

Thanks in advance

Hello, more specifically

Hoy can I add a user role during the signup process. I start from here

I then have these two identical workflows
Button User Type 1 is clicked
Button User Type 2 is clicked

that trigger
select user type

but can’t include this info in the signup 1

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Hope this helps:

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I am able to change the text on the sign up buttons to the two Roles I defined (Merchant, Seller).
But, I cannot find a way to link that selection to the actual element, var - selected usr type.

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Well, I ended up creating another app with the canvas template to let me see the original login/signup workflows. Turns out, I don’t think I have. firm enough grasp on everything to change the buttons to be Roles as opposed to just text. Since the workflows are all expecting and built on text, I just manually changed the button text to the 2 role names.

However, in the signup 1 workflow, that is where a Role is assigned to the newly signed up user. But, when I try to define the role assignment, I cannot access the var - selected user type from the options.

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I was able to solve it by using the Only When statement. Created an additional step, so that the first was one Role and step after was the other role. It may not be elegant, but it works.

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Great way to sort out the issue!

If you ever come across a need for this via options sets you can configure the button parent groups to hold the “role” options set as seen below for one of them: