How to add Pagination

I want to add pagination in datatable repeating groups.

Hello @erp welcome to the forum!

This video shows you how to build the logic for pagination. You would just need to adapt it in your UI. I suggest you clone the page where you want to do this … or even do it in a reusable element that you can drop on any page. This, of course, if you are comfortable with handling reusable elements.


I’m trying to implement pagination on the Infinite Columns Horizontal Scroll Data Table with Fixed First Column block, following the video you posted above. The block itself utilizes multiple repeating groups: one for the fixed first column, and another for the scrollable data cells (this is also a nested repeating group).

I’m trying to set up a workflow where I can “go to page” for both the fixed first column RG, and the scrollable RG. However, since the scrollable RG (“RG Website”) contains a nested RG with the actual data (“RG Infinite Scroll”), I’m unable to find the “RG Infinite Scroll” element in the workflow element selector. Only “RG Website” appears.

Is there any way to select “RG Infinite Scroll” in a workflow? Attaching my elements tree for reference.


I do not believe it is possible