How to change landing/index page from canvas to bubble page

Hi, The marketing page creator in canvas is nice, but it does not meet all our needs. We would like to create our own landing page. Is it safe to simply delete the current index/landing page and replace with our own bubble created page? What is the best practice here? What are the main things other than design that you worry about when creating a landing page.


In addition to the UI/design, there are some Bubble elements on the page that affect app logic.

The workflows should all be left in the index page, since they mostly deal with redirect logic and are not related to the marketing page creator.

Additionally, I’d recommend leaving the “cookies_permission” and “Popup hidden variables” Bubble elements on the page (and all the elements inside the hidden variables popup). Keeping the header and footer is optional, but it will help to have a more consistent look across the app, which makes the app look more professional in general (it’s weird to users to have inconsistent design across the app).

@stephanie does this sound correct? Wanted to check in and see if there was anything else you’d recommend keeping, or if we have any specific guidance on how users could go about replacing the index marketing page with a Bubble page.

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Thanks Chris. Yes, that sounds like the right approach to me.

@bubble_dev, we recently added two homepage page templates here. These templates include blocks from the marketing page builder, but they are built from Bubble elements so you can further customize.

Hi Chris,

I am trying to reuse the footer section in my new index: using the reusable system footer and copying the worflows you recommended, withtout success. Any advices ?

Hi @v.david.uch

In order to suggest a fix, please share further details of what the exact problem is.

Is there a specific workflow that we need to remove to disconnect the marketing page set-up?


Hello @bb234131 welcome to the community!

I do not think there is any that does this specifically.

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thanks @cmarchan
appreciate you getting back to me
canvas is a pretty awesome tool!

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