How to create visualization of audio waveform / music playback with timestamped comments?

Hello Canvas folks,

I’m currently trying to create a page which displays an audio file’s waveform in a player, which additionally allows for a user to click above the waveform display and create timestamped comments relative to the audio file. This could perhaps be similar to SoundCloud. A screenshot of something similar is attached:

Does anyone have any ideas/plugins to at least create an audio waveform display from a file? The only plugin I’ve found so far that creates a similar display is Bubble’s native Audio Recorder & Visualizer, but I can’t seem to find any documentation for that, or any way to use the waveform visualizer for files that are already stored and in the database or in AWS (rather than recording them with that element).

We do have Canvas Premium if that’s useful information. Any help in finding a solution to this would be very much appreciated!


Hello @jgh3

Nothing straightforward exists per what I know.

However, this thread in the Bubble forum may be interesting: