How to embed HTML element to just Index page

I’ve been a previous user of Drift/Intercom and have recently stumbled on Videoask from Typeform Add a VideoAsk Widget to Your Website. I’d like to embed it to

What part of the index page do I add an HTML element to for it to show up properly (I don’t want it to show up in listings or dashboard, just index)



Hi @lizzyazuya! :slight_smile: To place a chat widget on a specific page, you can add an HTML element to that page which contains the embed code:

Thanks Faye. Does that element have to be in a specific part of the page or anywhere? It looks like you’ve added it to the header of your index

No problem at all! :slight_smile: In this example, it is on the page itself, but it can be placed anywhere on the page.

It’s just important to make sure that the HTML element doesn’t overlap with any other elements and isn’t on the left or right side of any elements, to prevent any responsive issues (since Bubble will move and resize it as the page resizes)

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If you are using the starter template, they have an html element element as well to make it easier to visualize order of the blocks in page etc


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