How to log in with social?

I am trying to get the log-in with social working and am super confused…

  1. On this page it indicates to update the “sign up workflow” - but there is no workflow by that name.

  2. It seems like there is no actual logic to handle the sign up via social? Like, the only thing canvas is providing is a button, so I need to get social login plugins and wire them into the existing workflows etc. Is that correct?

The documentation could really be improved here.

Hello @drfalken

You are right. The UI is there but actual workflows do not exist in the default Canvas Bubble template. They have to be built by the Bubble developer.

On handling visibility of the sections in the signup/login component these videos should help

(min 12:16)

On connecting social networks you can explore ready plugins available in the Bubble plugins store. Or you can research how to connect via direct API calls to the different social networks using the Bubble API connector plugin. Below, a few resources that may help:

And there is also the option of making things easier by using a service called Pathfix (paid)

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