How to make the header contents bigger?

Is there any way to make the contents in the header (Logo, text, widget, and profile icon) bigger?

Specifically, I would like to make the logo bigger and edit the text color and size, but I just cannot find a way to do that.

Thank you!

Hello @user48 welcome to the forum!

To gain Bubble-type control of the header instead of dealing with html code, you may want to consider using the conventional Bubble header available as a backup component: :smiley:


I didn’t know this exists. Thank you so much😊

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Hey buddy,

Dumb Q, but how have you been able to change the logo size etc, using the above reply?

Do you need to replace the “new bubble header” with the “old”?, if so, do you mind sharing how please?

New to bubble & canvas … and it seems a little stupid it’s not as easy as a simple css change somewhere in the settings etc,

Appreciate any help,

Hello @aj11 welcome to the forum!

This may help:

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it doesn’t help, if you’ve seen my comment, you’ll see Im referring to your reply in the first place.

Looking further into it, I guess I need to learn figma … or if I use your recommendation, my question is How does one use the “conventional bubble header” vs the canvas header?

If this is probably the first thing users would change … you’d think there’d be better options in canvas to change logo size etc?

Appreciate your help,

Hi @aj11

Perhaps this video may help:

Thanks, but it doesn’t help …

1). It mentions nothing about changing the size of the logo.
2). It mentions nothing about how to use the old back-up header.

Not trying to be difficult, or unappreciative, but it seems you’re not reading these comments at all?

Hello @aj11

No worries. Please review as follows:

Logo size cannot be changed in the current html header. Not unless you dig into the html code, you know what you are doing and it does not affect any other aspects of Canvas.

The only way to make other changes to a header is not to use the html header and rather use a Bubble header. If you are open to use a Bubble header, Canvas provides a backup one

Please refer to the above guidance

We have all been there. The approach to Canvas functionality is carefully balanced to cater to as much functionality and ease of use as possible. There is continuous improvement of course. :smiley:

I can only suggest that the more you become familiar with Bubble the easier it will be to make changes to the non-html Bubble Canvas header suggested above.

Going forward this option may become available. However, it is not available currently.

Hope the above provided some guidance to this question

As mentioned before this requires general Bubble knowledge. The more you familiarize with using Bubble elements, conditions and other functionality the easier it will be to make your preferred changes.

I try my best :smiley: