How to navigate in a workflow to a marketing page


I was wondering if I missed it but I thought I’d ask… in a workflow I select go to page, but the marketing pages are not “there” as a selection. How can I navigate to them from a workflow?

I am sure it’s simple, but I am not seeing/finding how :blush:


Hello @raynellbell !

The marketing pages in Canvas are not individual Bubble pages. They are generated dynamically via html code in a Bubble page called … “page”.

To navigate to them you will have to point to them as if they were external URLs. To do this you cannot use the action “go to page”. On that same actions menu choose “open an external website” and add the corresponding marketing page url.

Pay special attention to how the url is structured. Example: Say that you have two marketing pages: About and Features. The url for each page would look like this:

So, you can construct the last part of the url to be dynamic. In order to feature the actual marketing page needed inside the action box.

Hope the above makes sense :grinning:



it does… should I be using slugs for more friendly urls?

Hello @raynellbell !

It certainly is a good practice!

Here a video to brush up on how to implement them: