How to replace the index marketing page by a bubble page

Hi everyone,

I scrolled the forum but couldn’t find the answer.

The canvas marketing pages were not meeting my needs to build my index page so I built a new page (let’s name it welcome) on the bubble editor (with the canvas marketing page template within the bubble editor). The problem is that I cannot find the way to make my new page (“welcome”) the index page for my app, the one visitor land on when they visit my domain name root.

What is the best way to make my new page the index page for my app ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! :hugs:

Hello @afleuricourt welcome to the forum!

Create or choose a Bubble page that you want to make the new index, click edit, and choose it “make this page the new index”

Thanks @cmarchan for your quick answer. Its indeed what I tried just before posting but it didn’t work. I just tried again but same result. The index is still the marketing one…

Could you please share screenshots of this? … when a user navigates to your he/she do not get taken to your intended index page?

no, it navigates to the initial “index marketing page”. Will share screenshots