How to retriev data?

Hi Everyone!

I’m a bit stuck on this.

Could someone help me understand how to display the current user’s name in the feed list?

This is what I need:

  1. The user logs in
  2. The user adds a new RSVP
  3. The new RSVP is registered in the database → RSVP
  4. Now, the user clicks on “Feed” and the repeating group shows the values in database → Feed
  5. The user wants to add a new comment to the feed. The comment should look like “[user’s name] [created date] [content]”

Right now (1) through (4) are fine, but I don’t understand how to display the name of the current user when they submit the feed comment.
Here’s the workflow for the new comment in feed and database structure:

Here’s an example of how I’d like it to look:

Hello @user32 ,

Great stuff going on!

There is so much great information in the link that I am not sure where the issue lies.

The user object in Canvas has three fields related to a user name … First, Last, and FirstLast. All of them are text fields and they can be called with user-first or user-last or user-firstlast.


I’m stuck in the exact same place.
An RG can not take data from different data types and since the user’s name is not in the data type “Feed” I cannot understand how it should be displayed in the group…
I tried to link “users” with the type “Feed” but without success :frowning:

Hello @user52 welcome to the community!

Please share screenshots of how your data types user and feed are structured.

For further reference on how to structure a database and how groups work in Bubble these videos may be helpful :smiley:

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hi here are screenshots of my database and how i inserted dynamic data . I hope it will help you. let me know if everything worked out😋

(Attachment is missing)

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hi here is link of the discord channel where u can find your solution. I hope it will help you. :yum:

Hello @user32

The attachment is missing. Perhaps because it seems that a zip file was uploaded.

Can you consider uploading images perhaps? :smiley:

Hi @cmarchan and thanks for the support!

I am very new so have patience with me haha.

On page Index I have a group on the left side that create a “User Object” and on the right side a RG where the user answers gets display:

In Workflow:

To navigate to the “Feed page” I got this Workflow:

Im not sure this is the right data to send…

Hello @user52

Based on the information that you are kindly sharing I see blue expressions so things are working well from a programming perspective.

Perhaps you mean to have something else happening?

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I can only share a few pictures at the time haha
On the “Feed page” I have set the content to “user object”:

In Workflow:

To navigate to the “Feed page” I got this Workflow:

Im not sure this is the right data to send…

Once a user logs into the application Bubble considers that user as the “current user”.

Try setting up a text field anywhere and add the expression “current user’s email”. Preview the page. Sign out of the app. Log in again. You should see the email of the user that logged into the app.

Thx alot for your help, will try that :slight_smile: