How to use the Portal page template as a reusable element/reusable sidebar

Hello, Newer to Canvas and really liking it.

Regarding the Portal Page template (documentation here Standard Portal / Dashboard Page - Canvas Pages and Modules) this is perfect for our application, and we would like to use this page template on all pages.

The question is then how is it best to have this work as a reusable element? So that we only have to change the sidebar menu once, rather than on each page?

I’m just a bit unsure as the best way to go about this though as it’s a page template, rather than a block element, or whether its something that should be done in the Header Details section in the Canvas admin portal.

Hello @dann9 welcome to the forum!

Interesting way of looking at this. However, I would recommend that reusables be used for specifics pieces of content.

Example of a portal page for a project management application. This page could feature several pieces of information in sections:

  • projects
  • milestones
  • tasks

Each of the above in one reusable element each. So, on the portal page you would have 3 reusable elements.

Thanks for this information @cmarchan

Could we then instead just use the side menu feature of this Dashboard Page as a reusable element? So as to have the Sidemenu on each page? And then on this side menu have the links to the different pages, such as the projects, milestones, and tasks.


If the content groups will be the same in all the pages where the reusable menu be used I do not see why not. I guess you will be building that reusable and place it on the left floater.

Why would you need more than one page with the same left nav menu though?

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@cmarchan yes this makes sense, now that I have used Canvas more.

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