I started using the old template

Should I stop what I’m doing and switch to the new template?

Hello @drfalken !

To switch to the latest version of the free Canvas template you will have to create a new Bubble application. As part of the creation process Bubble will ask you if you want to use a template. Just choose the Canvas template which will install the latest version of the template to your new application.

There is no way to upgrade or install a different version of a Canvas template to an existing Bubble app.

what if we have paid for a premium license? Do we need to buy a new one or can it be transferred between apps?

To be a bit clearer on the premium license with the older template (it seems I have less functionality from the chrome extension) - specifically missing the elements blocks. Is there a way to get this on my premium licence without buying another one. Scratching my head a bit on this one.

Sharing screenshots below to show missing elements blocks

Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 11.21.34.png…

Hello @bb234131

Canvas licensing is offered on a per app basis. There is a one-time-only transfer window from one app to another within 90 days of purchase.

As for the extension … what’s missing? (privacy rules?) … I do not see an elements block. All Canvas components can be accessed from the pages or blocks buttons on the extension.

This is what I see on mine:

Using the new base template (free version). When I initiate the chrome plugin it gives me additional element options that i do not see available on my premium license. I thought even though the template could not be upgraded but at least i would still have access to new features available through the chrome extension

See elements tab below:

Hello @bb234131

I see. The new base template provides different options as prior versions.

gotcha - .
seems like the premium licenses can become outdated without ability to update
thats quite a shame but thanks for getting back to me…

Canvas is in other words … Bubble programming done for us. This way we Bubblers avoid recreating what is most often needed by many applications. Login functions, user role / page redirection, an admin page … and other aspects/functions. To help us with our projects.

This is why Canvas template versions cannot be updated. There is simply no way. Any changes once a template is installed is done manually by the Bubbler. :smiley:

gotcha. thanks

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Is there a way to do the privacy audit on an older template?

Hello @SJL welcome back to the forum

I am no sure I follow. Could you elaborate a bit more?

Hi @cmarchan,

In your screenshot, there’s an App Privacy Rules button - I don’t have that in mine, since I’m using an older template version.

Hello @SJL

I see. I have not used that tool yet. However, I believe that dealing with privacy rules is a rather involved context. It is up to how you set up your dB model for the most part. Some times one has to change the model in order to facilitate the use of privacy rules.

Please find below the best resources that I know of that perhaps can serve as a guide: