Icons throughout the app are suddenly misaligned/cropped

Hi, this suddenly happened in the canvas app, and I don’t really remember doing anything to cause this. But icons everywhere in the app seem to be aligned a bit lower than the corresponding text, and that causes them to be cropped and look wonky. This is happening uniformly throughout the app. Here are some screenshots of what this looks like:

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Hi @bubble_dev :slight_smile: Thank you for your message and I’m sorry to hear about this issue! I can’t seem to reproduce this behavior in a test app, but I definitely want to make sure we find the cause in your app. Does this issue occur in all browsers when you preview your app? Also, is your app using the most recent version of the “Feather Icons” plugin?

Yes, the issue seems to appear in all browsers and mobile etc. I tried a few different versions of the feather icons plugin, none of them seem to help.

@bubble_dev Got it! Could you please temporarily set your app to public (by going to Settings → General → Application Rights: Everyone can edit) and private message me the link to the app editor?