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Hope you all are well!

So I’ve been using WordPress for the ‘landing page’ part of my website, and went to update it the other day and realised how much I hate working with WordPress and how slow it is.

I’m thinking about using the marketing pages in this canvas template, however, my main concern is handling international SEO. (I’m not an SEO expert)

But what I’ve done for my WordPress website is have separate navigation for each country.


And so on, that way I can have more specific keyword content for each area, also with backlink building, I can direct them to the specific country domain.
Again I am not an SEO expert, but to me, this makes sense for the best results for each country.

How does handle SEO for international countries? Do you set up separate domains for each country and if so is it possible in canvas template/marketing page builder?
Or do you just use one set of domains that’s not separate by country, if so has to work well overall for SEO?

I understand this isn’t exactly about template but im assuming someone has developed a app with the template for international use.

Cheers Haydn

Hi Haydn! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I hope you’re doing well, too! In client apps that I’ve seen used in multiple countries, each app is usually a sub-app, and each sub-app is on a custom domain. This is mainly for translation purposes, but it may help with SEO since they’re all on custom domains.

With that said, I’m also not an SEO expert, so there definitely may be other ways to do this (separate from a sub-app approach), but I’m not 100% sure of the best approach currently. The Bubble forum also doesn’t really have many answers on this, unfortunately. It may be a good question to ask Bubble support directly, just in case they recommend a specific approach (since Bubble’s website is built with Bubble and marketed across multiple countries as well).

Hey @faye

Thank you for quick reply! Awesome thank you, yeah I’ve tried to search all over forums and cant find much was hoping you guys had a specific method with your marketing page builder, but that’s a good idea I might contact bubble. :slight_smile:


My pleasure! :slight_smile: In the meantime, if I find anything, I’ll let you know for sure! Thanks, Haydn!

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