Is it possible to send rich text through Sendgrid?

Hi all -

I use the send basic email workflow to send emails through Sengrid. I don’t use templates because my app is set up in a way where people send one-off emails, so the test is always changing.

I initially tried to change the input for sending emails to rich text, but Sendgrid didn’t recognize it, so the email just showed the rich text formatting instead of the actual rich text (i.e. bullet points, bold/italics, etc.)

Does anyone have experience getting rich text to validate through the Sendgrid plugin?

Hopefully I did a decent job explaining the issue…

Hi @toby !

I cannot provide a specific answer on Sendgrid.

Though, I want to complement further information about emailing using Canvas functionality in case it would be useful.

In short, the Canvas plugin allows for adding your app’s logo and a CTA button to the email. It also provides for dynamic fields so that emails can be customized as well.

This video does a great job going through all of the above details:

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thanks I will check this out maybe it has an answer

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