Is there a way to dynamically change the data source of the hidden variable "var - selected user" in the login/signup so that it does not change when you refresh the page?


I need help regarding the hidden variables, I am currently making some changes in the login/signup in order to use two users, everything works perfect, when I’m in step 2
and I refresh the page it shows me an empty container without the inputs, I discovered that this is related to the hidden variable var - selected user
Is there a way to change the data source dynamically and permanently even when I refresh the page?

Hello @maxwellab99 welcome to the forum!

I am not sure I follow.

Could you please share screenshots about your setup?

I created two groups, one for the supplier users and another one for buyer users
When I sign up as a supplier I see this form to fill the information:

When I refresh the page I miss the form information:

I found that the issue is related to the hidden variable var - selected user

If I change the data source to supplier I see the form, but it needs to be dynamic in case that I sign up as a buyer or supplier

The data source is displayed in the hidden variable “var - selected user type” by using the display data in a group workflow, which makes the information temporal and not permanent. That makes the form disappear when I refresh the page

I think the issue is solved,
I solved it by sending URL parameters

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