Is there any way to restore a reusable element to its default configuration?

In editing our signup/login reusable element, we’ve accidentally moved elements and groups out of their original hierarchy in the elements tree, causing some issues in Bubble.

We’re currently attempting to restore the reusable element to its former state by comparing it to a fresh canvas template, but its proving to be difficult and is taking a lot of time.

@jgh3 welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear that you are facing trouble.

There is no way to restore an individual component back to its original form in Bubble.

I can think of two alternatives to help solve the issue.

One would be way be to restore the application back to a point in time. However, this will eliminate all work done on it so it may not likely be the best approach.

A second way is what you are doing but with a twist. Create a new app with a new Canvas template. Copy with workflows the entire component and paste it on to the existing app. This will “restore” the entire component back to your app with vanilla Canvas functionality.

You may have to reestablish some connections which means fixing possible issues flagged by the issue checker if any.