Issue with Data Table responsiveness, not stretching

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project where I need to display some information about my users on a data table.

I used the “Infinite Columns Horizontal Scroll Data Table” and would like to increase it’s width when the page is stretched or seen on a wide screen.

As seen on the picture, my group is stoping and is not stretching itself more. I cannot find the reason for that. :’(

Can someone give me a hint on where I should look to do that ?

Thank you,


Hello @marc.dc92 welcome to the community!

Quoting one of our Canvas’ team leads:

"This one is confusing but Bubble unfortunately does not currently allow for items within a horizontal scroll repeating group to be responsive (they will remain at the width they are defined in the editor and won’t stretch or shrink).

The only solution to prevent the space is set to set a max width on the 860 group which contains that data table reusable element so that it is closer to 100%, or to manually space the columns more within the reusable itself."

Hi @cmarchan , thank you very much for your help.

Ok it’s already good to know that what I was trying to achieve is not feasible. It will already prevent me from wasting more time on it.

Thanks for the little workarounds, will definitly go for the max width solution !



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