[Job Opportunity] Bubble & Canvas Developer @ Escri - Remote

About the job

Escri is looking for a Bubble developer to work on our v2 app version on Canvas. This person will be our first hire for the software development team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Keep the existing application up & running.
  • Develop new features based on the wireframes and workflows created.
  • Help carry out further experiments by working with the Product Manager.
  • Maintain documentation.


  • Demonstrable experience using Canvas framework
  • Must have completed at least 3+ projects in Bubble and understand its advanced capabilities.
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • A good grasp of UI and Design Workflows.


  • Proof of completion of a Bootcamp with Airdev


  • Remote

Job Type:

  • Contract


  • USD 2.500-3.000

How to apply:

  • Send your CV to raimundo at escribeme dot co (yes, “co”)
  • Include a link(s) of at least 1 project you have developed using the Canvas framework.

About Escri

Escri is on a quest to help any business, no matter how recent or small, generate high-quality content to help them grow. We are a marketplace that connects businesses with freelance content writers in Spanish-speaking markets. We work with more than 300 copywriters based across different countries such as Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain.

Escri launched in September 2020. To date, we have participated in two Chilean-based incubators: Digevo Ventures and Chrysalis. We have also raised $60K in funding from the Chilean Economic Development Agency.


Hey Raimundo,
I am curious if you were successful finding someone for Escri back then. If yes, was the remuneration you were mentioning seen as enough, or did you need to extend that by a lot?

Thanks in advance and best regards!