Keep tiles the same height as the tallest one in the row

Hi! I’m using the 3-Column Grid Tiles Repeating Group block and some of the tiles have more content than others creating an uneven look in the height of the tiles. Is there a way to have all the tiles in the same row be the same height as the tallest one? Here’s a look at what I mean.

In my screenshot, you can see that the second tile in both rows is taller than the ones beside them. I’d like them all to be the same height as the second one. Is there a way to add a spacer between the text and the buttons to stretch that space?


Hi @david,

Unfortunately that is Bubble’s default repeating group behavior. However, we’re currently looking into some creative solutions for this. In the meantime, my recommendation would be to do the following:

  1. Make the title font smaller and try to keep the number of characters consistent.
  2. I would make the description text height in the bubble editor twice as tall as what it current is right now. The text height would be around 46px tall.
  3. Lastly, for the description, I’d check the box to cut of content if the text is not tall enough (which seems like what you’re already doing).

Will let you know if we find a better solution for this!

Hi @stephanie,

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it out. I’ll keep my eyes out for a better solution if you find one.

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Hi @stephanie !

Any updates on this matter? I am struggling with this as well!

Hello @eduard

@stephanie suggestions should work. Edge cases with excessive length of headlines will just show them up to where is physically possible given the height of the text element and the size of the font.

Perhaps, if you share a screenshot of the struggle we should be able to provide further suggestions. :grinning:

Hello @cmarchan !

I’ve attached an example.
Haven’t found a solution yet.

Do you have any ideas how I could make all the tiles keep a fixed size?

Hello @eduard !

The text element height and number of characters setting or expression is key. The following video does an excellent job describing this and other related concepts relative to building tiled RGs: