Large amount of resources per page

Not sure if this is a bug or something else, but there seems to be a very lage amount of resources loaded on every page with the Canvas template - is this right?

Interestingly, the real culprits are not visible in the network monitor:

Hello @SJL

Indeed! Canvas pages come with many elements with the aim to facilitate and speed up building.

Many elements are there from the start. As you build your app you can decide which to keep for the future. Or, once you are certain that some are irrelevant you can go ahead and delete them. First make sure, of course, that no logic is broken.

Point is that you can choose which to keep as you make progress in your build. :smiley:

Hello SJL,

There are 2 likely causes of the size of resources being higher than the size of downloads:

  1. Downloads were compressed files that were later decompressed by the browser
  2. Some of the files (e.g. images) had already been downloaded onto the page previously. They weren’t downloaded when you loaded the page and took this screenshot.

Both 1 and 2 could be true, too.

Could you test with a normal Bubble page, like the “index” page on a blank bubble app, and let us know if you see something different? It should look similar there, with the size of resources being higher than the amount of transferred data.

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I’ve just tried with a fresh load of the Canvas index page, and it’s 7.4MB of resources, and 432 kB transferred. 12.55 sec to load, which is pretty slow. This page is exactly as delivered from the templats - nothing added, nothing changed.

A literal blank page (create page and do nothing with it) 4.8MB of resources, 232 kB transferred and 8.35 seconds to load