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Hello all, I want to have a ‘tick’ icon next to the guest name + message when RSVP is yes, and a ‘cross’ icon when RSVP is no. How do I link them?

Thank you in advance

Hello @flaviassumpcao1 welcome to the forum!

How about some screenshots and some description of some of the logic tha you have been able to implement?

Folks, including myself, can help better with a bit more context. :smiley:

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Hey @flaviassumpcao1 ! you already have the answer :wink:. Add an icon “tick” by default, and set a condition "if current cell RSVP attending is “no”, show another icon (and maybe another color)
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Thank you so much for your answer.

It doesn’t not work and I think it’s related to the dropdown box setup (I have tried so many possible ways). I cannot implement any condition with the dropdown when I write dropdown value being “yes” or “no”.

Can you see any problem in here? I tried to create a type Dropdown (yes/no) but couldnt make it work either.

It’s the last thing I have to do to send this first task.