List of "Hidden" static fonts

Hello again,

I do like the method of making one-off style changes using url=url

Is there a list of where these have been done in the templates (e.g. the Mobile Footer text).

Am trying to change everything to a certain font.


Hi @nigel,

Unfortunately we do not have a comprehensive list. Static fonts are usually used in the app to change font weight or when we need to dynamically set font colors.

Specifically, here are most places that we would use static fonts:

  • Header and footer html
  • Any portal type pages or pages that utilize navigational tabs or toggle tabs
  • Admin portal sidebar
  • Data table column headers
  • Widget reusable titles
  • Chat type blocks (html)

With that said, we are in the process of updating our styles and designs. We anticipate that we will have styles in the Base template for different font weights and move away from using conditional statements to update fonts.

This will likely be released in the next few weeks. For Canvas users, you would be prompted by the extension to import these new styles to your apps.